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della negra

Gelaterie Artigiane dal 1984

Della Negra | Gelaterie Artigiane dal 1984 The cream flavours
kiss / white kiss / biscuit / cacao / coffee / chocolate / coconut / cream caramel / craem / almond toffee cream with rum milk cream / gianduia cream / malaga / snicker cream / topping chocolate cream / topping black cherry cream / yoghurt / peach yoghurt / raspberry yoghurt / melon yoghurt / trifle cream

Della Negra | Gelaterie Artigiane dal 1984 The fruit flavours
citrus fruits cream / apricot cream / pineapple cream / banana cream / strawberry cream / raspberry cream / lemon cream / liquorice / mandarin orange cream / green apple cream / melon cream / mint cream / peach cream / pear cream / green pistacchio / grapefruit cream / prune cream / rose cream / green tea cream
 Why to prefer our products?
Della Negra is a reliable brand, warranting excellent quality and seriousness. We have never skimped on the ingredients; we have always chosen only the best ones because they guarantee a high quality product.
Della Negra Gelaterie Artigiane
Via Flumignano 80
33050 Mortegliano (UD) ITALY
Phone / Fax: +39 0432 760371
e-mail: info[at]dellanegra[dot]com
 The firm's purpose: our mission
Della Negra company intends to create confectionery products with top quality standards, always fresh and satisfying the expectations of the most exigent clients and consumers. In this way the client is satisfied by his purchase and becomes faithful.